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"I love to write but I could never finish any story. But after meeting Michael, I was finally able to finish my stories. If you are a newbie or a professional writer, you need this."

"When you want to be a writer and have some ideas but don't how to really take your writing forward, Michael's the guy you need to meet."

"I learned a lot from Michael's TED talk coach-ing sessions. I consider myself an accomplish-ed speaker having lectured all over the world, but our sessions moved me to an even higher level and for that I will always be grateful."

"After two days under Michael’s gentle guid-ance, astute aid, and practical pointers, I came away with six story ideas that I didn’t even know existed within me, waiting to be told. His skills and abilities as an editor and content curator, are way too many to list out, but he has changed my life in ways that he'll never fully know."


In addition to hundreds of individual authors and storytellers that I've worked with, I've also conducted over one hundred public and private workshops on the power of storytelling. From specific talks on how NGOs and corporations can use storytellers more effectively to interactive classes for writers on character and plot building, I have spoken to audiences big and small across the globe. Looking for personal advice or a training on how storytelling can transform your organization's communication? Let's talk.

"As a non-profit organization working in a crowded space, every day it's more and more dif-ficult for us to differentiate our stories from everyone else’s. But we need to tell the story of our organization, the person who started it, and the people who are impacted by it—which is why we approached Michael. And we're so glad we did. The entire day was spent unpacking a box which we were quite hazy about. As a facilitator Michael is beyond excellent. We didn't realize where the time went, and regretted not having another day. If we're now able to write better stories, it's only because of him."

- Piyasree Mukherjee, CEO Foundation for Mother & Child Health

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